executive actions

Congressional inaction, a spike in mass shootings and Hillary Clinton drove him to do something.
“It’s not really believable," said Fox News host Andrea Tantaros.
"The Appropriations process cannot be used to 'de-fund' the agency. The agency has the ability to continue to collect and
Hi, everybody. In my State of the Union Address, I talked about the idea of opportunity for all. Opportunity is the idea
The number of recipients of Saturday’s email is in the millions, an administration official said. In all, the president has
2014-02-03-BothSidesNowLogoPlaincolhirescopy1.jpgDavid ('Axis of Evil') Frum & Bob ('Dream will never die,') Shrum clash over whether Obama got traction with 'Give America a Raise!' Are his unilateral actions unconstitutional or inevitable? And will GOP agree to reforms that encourage more minority/young voters?