executive branch

So much for checks and balances.
But his victory is far from certain and, even if he wins, he could still face a shaky government.
Former President Barack Obama made a plea for an end to fake news and a return to bipartisanship.
The "Battle of the Billionaires" was the most expensive governor's race in U.S. history.
Before the interviews, aides say Miller also had them remove a few other things. "Stephen is a guy you can't get a good read
President Obama will look back at his legacy as he encourages supporters demoralized by the election of Donald Trump to feel optimism about the future of the country.
Referenced in the bizarre tale by reporters Mark Mazzetti and Matt Apuzzo was the 1981 film Indiana Jones and the Raiders
In seeking to perpetuate an indiscriminate "war of choice" on Obama's attorney general, whomever he or she might be, the GOP is repeating a grave mistake -- and poisoning what might otherwise be a cordial, or even productive, working relationship.
The BATFE has introduced a proposed executive branch rule regarding ammunition that will likely pivot the election cycle back towards the same driving forces that caused so many blue states to turn red in the November 2014 midterm.
Make Sure the Border Is Genuinely Secure before Agreeing to Amnesty. As I made clear in a previous post on this head, if
Thursday morning White House officials confirmed to the Associated Press that Eric Holder, the first black U.S. Attorney General, will step down as soon as his successor is confirmed.
Does a sharply divided America necessarily mean that no meaningful legislation can emerge from our political leaders on both sides of the aisle? I don't think so! What many people describe as the greatest political agreement in the history of the world came out of a deeply divided America -- the US Constitution.
We have an anomaly in our courts, irresponsibly supported by the executive and legislative branches of our government, in the manner that our courts interpret Sovereign Immunity and, in turn, its impact on our day to day lives.
Now, as FDR concluded about the Great Depression, climate disruption is invading the United States like a foreign enemy. It is inflicting physical damages, loss of life and growing burdens on federal spending and the economy.
This week is Public Service Recognition Week: a time to honor the men and women who serve our nation as government employees. But lately, the feeding frenzy surrounding scandals by federal employees will not go away.
Even as we nod in agreement when the President says "We can't wait," we will find it necessary to think about how a future, less benign, president will say the same thing to support reconstitution of the imperial presidency.
Here's where we are now. A committee, grandiosely labeled a "Super Congress" will essentially decide whether and how much
President Barack Obama's political sepulcher will be war. His extinguishment as a political comet could have been avoided if he had respected the exclusive constitutional responsibility of Congress to commence war.