Executive Office for Immigration Review

A number of White House officials and staff have stayed at Trump-owned properties, raising concerns about whether Trump has profited from the presidency.
Those who have crossed the border to the U.S. are readying any documentation they may have to combat the Trump administration's deportation threats.
The Washington Post reports the president instructed his interpreter not to disclose any details of what transpired during the meeting to administration officials.
President Donald Trump and other administration officials, as per usual, called the network "fake news."
Aussie, Canadian farmers celebrate treaty Trump nixed, while U.S. wheat producers fear Japan market collapse.
The union doesn't usually air its grievances. But its president said the transfer of a case away from a Philadelphia judge was "outrageous."
The judge said he was "embarrassed" to ask if the boy understood the proceedings.
The attorney general has criticized the asylum system. Now he's taking steps that could make getting relief tougher.
Immigration experts fear Erik Javier Flores Hernandez's detainment heralds a new wave of "cruel" and "baseless" deportation policy under Trump.
About 520 new judges are needed to fill a backlog, to say nothing of new cases created by stricter deportation guidances.
Senators want to know what, exactly, the DOJ does when it reviews the president's orders.
Its overloaded courts grant asylum and other relief at a far lower rate than in other cities.
The United States offers protections to individuals who have suffered persecution, or fear that they will suffer persecution, due to their race, religion, national origin, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.
Still, the long delays in Virginia and Maryland, where Zahedi does most of her work, are damaging. There were 9,174 cases
Along with allowing the government to indefinitely detain immigrants slated for deportation but unable to return to their
I have taken calls from seriously hysterical family members -- incredibly traumatized people -- sobbing on the phone, crying out, "I don't know where my son or husband is!"