Executive Order 13769

Social media users immediately pointed to her father's ban on visitors from Muslim-majority countries.
Of all the refugees who were admitted into the U.S. 2018, only 17% were Muslim, compared with 66% of Christian refugees who were admitted.
These American families have to make bleak decisions: abandon loved ones or live in exile.
His tragic death underscores the toll of harsh immigration policies.
Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy indicated an unwillingness to second-guess the justifications offered for the policy.
The state of Hawaii, which argues that the travel ban is discriminatory and in violation of immigration law, is the lead challenger in the case.
Frank Wuco, who used to role-play as a fictional "jihadist" during his work as a security consultant, has a long history of anti-Muslim animus.
The Homeland Security Department's agency watchdog called the actions “troubling."
Are anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiments on the rise in the US? And what are the best ways to combat them? These were some
With a series of casual retweets, the president has once again spread anti-Muslim sentiment.
While some may try to divide us along religious lines, we are and always will be united as Americans.
Economically, culturally, strategically, and morally, Donald Trump’s repeated attempts to ban Muslim immigrants and refugees
Now it's up to Congress to pull the plug on this endless game.
It "plainly discriminates based on nationality" in a way that's antithetical to the Constitution, one judge said.
It has taken the Trump administration three takes to figure out how to legally implement a Muslim ban – because they still have not figured out it is unconstitutional to implement a Muslim ban.