executive pay

Disney, a filmmaker and activist, has been outspoken about income inequality, and has said she donated the majority of her inheritance.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants employees to have a seat at the boardroom table — several, in fact.
That must mean they work 347 times as hard, right?
What can be done to deter pharmaceutical companies from jacking up prices of critical drugs? To prevent Wall Street banks
A subtle change could have major consequences.
Executive pay is a high-profile topic which almost everyone has an opinion about, and many believe the entire system is broken. But despite being well-intentioned, many suggested reforms may not be targeting the elements of pay that are most critical for shareholder value and society.
Let's not pop the Prosecco just yet. Another SEC rule being debated now would effectively endorse the root cause of excessive CEO pay -- the practice of paying CEOs based on the company's stock price.
It seems that Yale and other great American universities increasingly are being run from the top as though they were like Fortune 500 companies, investment banks and hedge funds. If so, what does that say about America? How do we make it stop?
Instead of spending more time and money on keeping pay information secret, how about administering pay correctly so that there is nothing that needs to be kept secret?
The misperception of the pay gap may help explain why strategists have seen recently that income inequality is not an issue