executive privilege

Former Trump aide Steve Bannon could face prison time after being indicted for refusing to testify before the committee probing the Jan. 6 riot.
The decision blocking Trump's use of executive privilege in the Capitol riot investigation is also a "nail in the coffin" for the two former aides, said Neal Katyal.
Trump's former chief of staff claims he can’t discuss items covered by executive privilege, refusing to cooperate with the investigation of the insurrection.
The former president has ordered Navarro to "protect executive privilege" in regard to Trump's handling of the coronavirus.
A trial court previously refused to block the House committee investigating the Capitol riot from examining documents from his White House.
Trump is saying he has "a cloud of executive power that follows him wherever he goes," just like the "Peanuts" character, Asha Rangappa explained.
A federal judge has once again denied ex-President Donald Trump’s claim to withhold documents from the House Jan. 6 select committee.
"Gotta hurt," one Trump critic tweeted after spotting the line.
Trump is unlikely to succeed on the merits of his claims and cannot show how the release of public documents harms him, the U.S. District Court judge ruled.
A federal judge kept coming back to a fundamental issue: Isn’t the question of asserting "executive privilege" best handled by the current executive?