executive privilege

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is the Trump Supreme Court appointee with the longest record on presidential power.
Rep. Jerry Nadler said that federal law makes clear that the documents they requested were “no longer covered by executive privilege, if they ever were.”
His administration won't give the House answers on the Mueller report, Trump's obstruction of justice and his personal finances, among other things.
“Everyone will soon be able to read it on their own," Attorney General Barr said.
The House Judiciary Committee chairman didn't hesitate when asked how far he'd go to get the report released.
The president is expected to invoke the privilege over some documents after Democrats sent requests to 81 individuals, entities and government agencies.
“This is not executive privilege, this is executive stonewalling,” Rep. Adam Schiff said of the testimony.
The attorney general struggled to articulate a legal basis for dodging questions.
“I am protecting the right of the president to assert [executive privilege] if he chooses,” he said.