Executive producer

The Emmy-nominated actress will executive produce and voice the first black female lead in almost 20 years on an adult animated series.
“Little” star Marsai Martin has become the youngest-ever executive producer of a major Hollywood motion picture.
The executive producer of "Surviving R. Kelly" was quick to point out the actress had completely missed the point.
The drama on the MTV hit wasn't scripted, says executive producer Gary Auerbach. But he did consult TV drama writers when working on the show.
The network is also eyeing a legal series that incorporates the show's real-time format.
E.W. Brooks is an Army Wife, Indie Author, and Executive Producer. . .who said women can't rule the word? Meet the next phenom whose passion for writing is now turning her novel series into a television series directed by one of Hip Hop's most brilliant minds.
It's sounds really stupid, but if you want to be a writer you need to write. That's honestly like 99% of it. Write and write and write. Classes are fine, but I think the most important aspect of a class is that it forces you to write. Books are fine if they inspire you to write.
If you've had any up-close-and-personal experience with the subject matter of Eleven, you may not imagine that 'transfixed' would be your reaction. But the story line is so well-conceived and so well-executed I'd say chances are pretty good it will be.
As fans prepare to dive into a new season with their favorite Boston crime solvers, we checked in with Janet Tamaro to get her thoughts about the show she developed based on characters created by author Tess Gerritsen
While fans are undoubtedly allowed to express their emotions, feelings and opinions over the subject of storylines, is it right for them to cast stones at the writers or executive producers when things don't go the way they want?
Sinise: "It's a look at military families and military life, the Iraq war and the integrity of the people that I know that are serving that; I responded to positively and wanted to support that."
From Vince's comeback, to Turtle having sex with Jamie Lynn Sigler, to next season, to Ellin's own run-in with the New Orleans' Police -- I spoke recently with the director of Entourage.