executive time

The actor-artist delivered a blistering critique of Donald Trump's supporters with his latest cartoon.
The acting White House chief of staff said the president is working really hard, regardless of what's on his schedule.
The president is refusing to change his schedule despite criticism over what sources characterize as easy time.
“In fact, I probably work more hours than almost any past President," he tweeted.
The MSNBC host fired back at the Georgia Republican's condescension to the freshman lawmaker.
“Donald Trump doesn’t do much of anything as president.”
Greg Gutfeld urges the president to "have more executive time."
Leaked White House schedules show Trump mostly spends his days in between meetings, where he seemingly does very little.
The White House press secretary said there's a point to Trump's hundreds of hours of unstructured time.
A recent report says Trump's daily schedule is getting shorter.