exile on main street

Robert Greenfield joins Josh to talk about the Stones' conspiracy theory involving Tina Turner.
CW: "Look, I'm not a very disciplined person. I kind of like to have a deadline before I do something, and these guys are my friends, they know that about me, so I guess it was time to do another album."
The Stones recently explored the same era in the 2010 documentary film "Stones in Exile." The movie, directed by Stephen
Un Soneto de Amor by Pablo Neruda I am drunk on the kindness of a pal I call Lollipop, who sends me affirmations as chapters
Listening to Brahms' Alto Rhapsody helped William Styron snap out of a deep melancholy. For me, it's the Rolling Stones, whose African rhythms appeal to me at a primal level.
If anyone has ever had a fantasy of being a rock star living in the south of France, this new documentary on the Rolling Stones' six month tax-evasion inspired sojourn on the Cote d'Azur will feed this fantasy perfectly. A bit too perfectly.
Carlos the Jackal loomed over Day Eight. For some, the Olivier Assayas film was a daunting roadblock they detoured around. A 5 1/2 hour miniseries smack dab in the middle of the day?
The Tongue at All-Star Logo Benefit To commemorate the re-release of Exile On Main Street, The Rolling Stones Tongue grants