We believe this is because belief in free will is linked to feelings of agency, the sense that we are the authors of our
What we have in each other and with each dying breath is the chance to take what we have and turn it into something else, to craft magic from chaos, to make art out of sadness.
This is seen in Lars von Trier's "Melancholia," a movie that offers a fresh cinematic depiction of depression. Image is screenshot
I'm not so tough-minded. I discourage easily. So I'm careful about the writers I allow to spend time in my psyche, rearranging
"The president and I agree on many things, including, of paramount importance, the direction we want to take our countries
There's a certain kind of burden that comes with being born outside the safety bubble of heteronormativity that leaves you feeling constantly vulnerable.
Freedom is perhaps the most elusive idea in modernist lore, but one to which we all subscribe. We can probably all agree that freedom is good and the opposite is bad. Agreeing on what freedom actually is or what's so great about it, however, is a whole other matter.
Over the years the deepest questions of our existence have snuck into the list of top trending searches worldwide. We might be wondering "how to twerk?", or "who is Gossip Girl?", but we've also been Googling "what is the meaning of life?" and "what is love?"
I'm certain, in fact, that this idea of domination is one of the features of the masculine universe that must be totally