Exodus International

"Pray Away," due out Aug. 3, charts the rise of Exodus International, a now-defunct Christian ministry that once claimed to "cure" same-sex attraction.
I lived in that stew of hate and fear for nearly 20 years.
At that time, Chambers apologized for the damage Exodus had done to so many people. While maintaining that much good had been done in the organization, he admitted that they had also brought a great deal of suffering.
I can't really pinpoint the moment when I knew I was gay because it was such a gradual unveiling due to constant repression.
Part of that comes from the scandals the media love to feed on like a carcass any time one emerges. But another is because we leave so many with a bitter taste in their mouths with our recruitment (read: evangelism) techniques.
Today I identify as a gay evangelical Christian, and I have a unique understanding and perspective from both sides of an issue that has become the cultural flashpoint of our generation.
Let me start by saying "Love Song for a Savior" on Jars of Clay's Flood album helped me survive the darkest moments of 8th grade.