The Rev. Gary Thomas said those targeting the Supreme Court justice are "real evil people."
All of my praying and self-exorcisms couldn't save me from what was really happening.
The Oscar-winning director of "The French Connection" and "The Exorcist" discusses his new documentary, the Trumpian zeitgeist and the "evil" in the world.
William Friedkin says he hopes his new documentary will help the woman whom he filmed receiving an exorcism.
It was a disheartening shock to my soul when an institutional policy revision was made to the handbook in regards to gay members of the Church and their families.
For those readers who weren't alive (or old enough) to experience the 1960s, this week we had somewhat of a history lesson, packaged as a Democratic debate. Part of why this happened is that the Democratic presidential campaign has entered into a "convince the minority voters" phase.
Pope Francis returns to Rome from his South American tour as a bona fide partisan of Liberation Theology.
But Jindal's time might have passed -- if it ever even existed. He's not as fresh a face on the political scene as he once was.
Christian exorcism has become so popular worldwide that now it's not only performed on tormented individuals but also on entire nations.
The complexity of our problems should not mask the simplicity of the solution. We are a people who are desperately afraid of everything. The root cause of police brutality rests solely in our own fear.
Toronto police have accused 53-year-old Wayne Marlon Jones of assaulting the woman some time between May 2011 and May 2013
A spirit is a supernatural being or essence, seen in some religions as existing separately from the supreme being, or God
Last May, priests and lay people gathered in Rome for a six-day course conducted by the Legionaries of Christ and Catholic