The way airfare sites classify their tickets could trick you into spending more than you'd like.
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You can avoid these common travel mistakes with a few simple steps during the planning process.
At first, to Christine Compo-Martin, the Expedia.com search results looked like a mistake. As she queried the site for a
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Although there's no "magic" day or time to find the best airfares, you can save money if you know how to do a flexible date
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Since users are tied to their IP address and booking history on individual sites, travel search engines like Priceline can customize results to show the properties that an individual is more likely to look for, and subsequently book.
According to a new report from Expedia, it's a great year to be a traveler. The report, released in December 2014 and co-produced with data from the Airlines Reporting Corporation, offers mostly encouraging news for travelers
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In this traveler's eyes, American air carriers generally, and Delta specifically, have slipped from atop the quality and service rankings. They have gone from diamonds to diamonds in the rough. And with a good bit of polishing, we may both one day be Diamonds again.
Home Depot's website displayed search results for smartphone users that contained pricier goods than for consumers using
EXPEDIA Not only does Expedia cull deals from all around the interwebs -- there's also no fee to change or cancel most flights
Facing steep competition from fellow booking websites, online travel agencies have been experimenting with travel rewards as a means of incentivizing consumer loyalty -- at the expense of straining relationships with the hotels with which they partner.