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New York City "wins" -- and its renters stand to lose a lot of money.
The Best Cities on Earth ...not necessarily what you would expect. A new report by Swiss bank UBS breaks down the 2015 purchasing
But residents aren't the only ones being hurt by these high rent prices. "That’s rents that average people cannot afford
While taking a holiday is rarely a cheap endeavour, the countries listed are once-in-a-lifetime holiday locations.
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(CNN) -- Move over Tokyo. Read more on www.cnn.com
We've all heard the story-worthy dream before -- ditch the small, quaint town for the big, bustling city and live the glamorous
Here is what many people don't discuss when they are talking about young creatives. It may sound trite, but the personal identity of many young people who come to the city to flourish creatively is slowly crushed by the reality of affording the lifestyle.
Three of them are in the same state -- and it isn't California.
Forbes ranked several cities across the world -- and one U.S. city made the list. Can you guess which one?