experiential gifts

Concert tickets and weekend getaways are great, but a new study says physical gifts provide a different kind of joy.
Memories are really the most precious gift that can be given, but have you ever tried to stick a memory in a box and put a bow on it? It's darn-right impossible.
Our kids still get a few toys -- we're not Scrooges -- but we also incorporate experiential gifts, and we ask family members to contribute. Here are six ideas that will make your kids light up.
But research confirms that objects are only capable of making us happy for up to three months. By contrast, the memories
My family has vowed to practice "experiential Christmases" for the past decade. We try to avoid giving each other material gifts, but instead focus on being together. This year, I am giving my two nieces, ages 6 and 3, the gift of the sponsorship of a HOPE child.