The French anti-terrorism office is investigating the explosion on Friday in Lyon.
The bright-blue sky dazzled the city's residents, but the source of the light -- one of New York's dirtiest power plants -- could stoke an already heated debate.
"Friends in Queens, DM me re: your new superpowers."
The dazzling light, initially reported as the result of a transformer explosion, was caused by a malfunction at a New York City electrical facility.
"I did not expect that!" the startled duchess said, watching a student race car project.
Connecticut authorities say a man took his wife hostage in their home for several days.
Spectators first laughed and cheered, then scattered, screaming.
The blast reportedly damaged cars, but no one was injured.
The New York city explosion this week--injuring at least twenty-nine--and discovery of a second device found blocks away, rocked the city as it set off alarms and questions about whether or not New York had suffered another terrorist attack, and if so, who is behind it.
Hillary Clinton Responds To NYC Explosion
Several people were detained late Sunday in connection with the bomb.