export-import bank

Trump has nominated a number of people with anti-LGBTQ stances.
A provision to allow the Export-Import Bank to make loans above $10 million could provide lawmakers with some last-minute fireworks.
Freedom Partners is applauding Sanders for opposing the Export-Import Bank.
The American primary system for the nomination of presidential and congressional candidates, a system never mentioned in the constitution, has allowed populist anger to be exploited into a veto on foreign policy. Primaries, as they have evolved with the assistance of social media, have become an exercise that grants extraordinary electoral power to the dissatisfied and to the extremes.
Lawmakers will vote on whether to reauthorize the trade lending agency later Monday or Tuesday.
A discharge petition is generally a tool used by the minority to usurp control of the House floor from the majority. This is a pretty brazen move for the Republicans who signed on, as it essentially cedes control of the House floor to the Democrats. It's also an historical move.
Those of us who don't think it's the best use of government money to give subsidized loans to some of the largest companies in the world have to recognize political reality. With enough campaign contributions on the table, Congress will eventually vote to approve the money.
Democrats and centrist Republicans pulled together to force a House vote.
While Congress is in the middle of its summer recess, President Obama expressed his displeasure with Congress's failure to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank as well as pass a balanced budget. Obama believes their inaction has negatively impacted American jobs and the economy.
While quite a bit has changed in the 81 years since Franklin Roosevelt launched the Export-Import Bank, one fact remains the same: America needs a coherent national economic strategy focused on raising wages and living standards.