Warner Bros., which produces and distributes the show, said it was investigating the claims.
The Fox Sports reporter has faced needless criticism over her appearance and who she dates.
By contrast, Ms. Y. blocked out information provided by those around her. When a friend tried to advise her, Ms. Y. refused
My children are ALWAYS with me -- ALWAYS. Not since a year ago, when my father was flown to a hospital in Central New York for emergency surgery, have I been away from my hubby and children for any more than a couple hours.
Don Draper stole another man's identity. Again.  Professional charming man Jon Hamm gave a very convincing Bill Hader impression
"The timing didn't quite work out in the beginning when we really kind of felt it," she said. "And then after that, we got
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Perhaps in a preemptive move, Trump used the megaphone that is
Check out photos of Dobrev at the Grove below: Dobrev recently chatted with Seventeen magazine about falling for Somerhalder
Whether you're a newbie or a veteran to the long-running convention, the weekend's epic schedule is a daunting prospect. HuffPost
Married life seems to be treating Carrie Underwood well. "Everybody's like, 'The first year is the hardest" -- and I'm like
"The last of Hollywood's golden era" is the way so many broadcast and cable obituaries described the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. But alas, there are at least five stars from that era who are probably saying to themselves," What am I, chopped liver?"
Women get the message being sent loud and clear, about weight, beauty and sex appeal -- if you weren't born with it, buy it. Sex appeal is no longer just an asset for a woman, but a necessity.
Uchitel "so impressed producers that she's been offered a job as a special correspondent," a rep told Page Six. Uchitel is
Monica Lewinsky was the tip of the iceberg. It is not an exaggeration when I say that all you must do is let your orifices (orifii) run free and a media career is in your future.
Jessica Simpson describes her dream man in an interview with 'Extra' to air Friday. He's intellectual, spiritual, artistic
I've heard that the original British miniseries is much better so I plan to put it on my Netflix queue. I definitely got
IT doesn't take TV host Damien Fahey long to bounce back. A mere week after the cancellation of MTV's "TRL," Fahey's been