Warner Bros., which produces and distributes the show, said it was investigating the claims.
The Fox Sports reporter has faced needless criticism over her appearance and who she dates.
You can learn more about yourself (and others) without extra effort beyond reflecting or meditating on conversations and
My children are ALWAYS with me -- ALWAYS. Not since a year ago, when my father was flown to a hospital in Central New York for emergency surgery, have I been away from my hubby and children for any more than a couple hours.
Don Draper stole another man's identity. Again.  Professional charming man Jon Hamm gave a very convincing Bill Hader impression
But according to Menounos herself, that's not the case. During an appearance on "Live! with Kelly and Michael" on Thursday
Bill Maher told Jay Leno on Monday that he was disappointed that Trump never released his own birth certificate, as Trump
The gorgeous "Vampire Diaries" star wore a Dolce&Gabbana long-sleeved patterned shirt with a white skirt while chatting with