extra virgin olive oil

You may be able to taste a difference, but are there additional health benefits? We found out.
Not all olive oils are created equal! Vicky Vlachonis, author of "The Body Doesn't Lie" tells us how we can find the perfect olive oil that packs on the health benefits.
I am clueless about olive oil because my Asian palate is used to soy sauce and sesame oil, so I showed up with bright eyes, wide ears and virgin taste buds - maybe even extra virgin!
Buying "real" oil is a way of supporting and protecting the culture of high quality, family olive growing in Italy. Industrial production, mislabeling of low quality oil and ferocious price competition is putting many small, artisan producers out of business.
The findings, released Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, point to a Mediterranean diet as a tool in preserving
The diet is defined by a high intake of extra virgin olive oil, fruits, vegetables, other plant proteins and fibers (nuts and legumes), unrefined whole grains, and fish.
And Norma Kamali was the one who got us inspired. Chatting with the designer on HuffPost Live, we learned that she swears
Chef Alex Thomopoulos's approach to food is not harping on what she cannot eat, but celebrating the ingredients she can use to make tasty and unique meals.