NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has people looking to the red planet after it captured a glint of light and possible sign of life.
Do I believe in UFOs? That's not the point. I was drowning in Trump mania and decided to escape to the more benign craziness of believers in aliens from outer space.
There's only room for one Jesus in this universe, the Vatican Observatory director says.
Okay, so we are all tired of those just-another-UFO-video thingies that take the Internet by surprise every now and then. But here's something I found that was a little unorthodox, perhaps even interesting. You be the judge.
Thinking about whether a particular set of religious practices or beliefs would make sense on a different planet might be a valuable exercise in understanding ourselves.
Earth’s atmosphere is heavy—it’s what keeps water from flying off into space. So astronomers looking for alien worlds that
It is both intriguing and puzzling that the two scientists disagreed about the most crucial question in this case: Did the same unidentified aerial phenomenon, or UAP, appear on two separate cameras?
Many planetary scientists regard Europa, which is slightly smaller than Earth's moon, as the solar system's best bet for
Ultimately, the researchers remain optimistic that we are not alone. "It could well be a long search," Tarter said. "It's
The launch of SETI Live opens the door for anyone to help search for intelligent life on other planets. For the first time ever, data being received by the Allen Telescope Array in Hat Creek, CA will be made public so citizen scientists can scan it for potential signals.
An alien super-Earth With the GJ 667C system being relatively nearby, it also opens exciting possibilities for probing potentially
Antony Hewish, who supervised that research and later won a Nobel Prize for it, made a relevant point: "It is an interesting
Ancient UFOs; scores of videos and photographs; military and government officials offering credible testimony; thousands
"On the video, you're observing what we call coronal mass ejections -- basically refraction from electrons and other particles
If you are looking for a special effects tour-de-force, then look elsewhere. But if you want to see one of the best sci-fi
And yet, Cohen -- who somehow obtained the video -- says it will be included in some future Hollywood presentation. Presenting