Extraversion and introversion

We can all stand to steal from quiet types, according to experts.
Whether you're an introvert or just a shy person, this advice will make you look at networking events differently.
"Open floor plans are an elaborate scheme by extroverts to lower the productivity of introverts..."
"Every room is an escape room when you're an introvert."
"Introverts don’t want to go but still want the invitations."
"It’s all fun and games until someone replies to your text with a phone call."
Artist Debbie Tung also illustrates her struggles with anxiety and how her husband supports her through it all.
Introverts are often misjudged as shy or antisocial. Here's how to prove to your boss you're anything but.
"Sorry I didn't answer my phone when you called. I don't use it for that."
Loving alone time is different from a mental health condition.
"The first rule of introvert club is no one has to worry about anyone talking about introvert club."
Finding a quiet spot where you can retreat from all the action is *so* necessary.
By: Rita Balian Allen, Rita B. Allen Associates, May 2017 Executive Coach, Author, Trainer, Speaker, Leadership Development