extreme sports

"It's all calculated risk," Lachie Carracher said.
A former Russian military officer completed a topless skydive in minus 58 degree Fahrenheit conditions, breaking the record for the coldest ever half-naked skydive.
Atita Verghese just wants girls to experience the fun of skateboarding.
Watch these divers take the plunge in an annual bridge diving competition. Would you be tempted to take compete?
What better way to celebrate your 101st birthday by breaking a world record? Meet veteran Verdun Hayes who just became the oldest man to tandem skydive.
Research shows that the fall season, when many popular contact sports are in session, is associated, naturally, with a dramatic
You'd never left before? I didn't travel before. It was the first time for me. To be in Sweden, and to travel. Really, the
People train hard and risk their lives for these sports. Why?