The former president blamed the New York AG for Exxon leaving the state back in 1989 ― even though she was elected in 2018.
The conflict reflects pressure mounted by consumers and government officials over the global environmental crisis.
As lawsuits seeking climate damages from fossil fuel giants ramp up, a new carbon-pricing plan looks to protect them.
The oil giant's refusal to answer European lawmakers' questions could result in a loss of lobbying access.
Exxon sued the government over the $2 million fine, despite making $7.84 billion in profit last year.
We now have a chance to find out what Exxon knew about climate change -- and when.
Exxon’s executives and their allies robbed us of a generation’s worth of action on climate.
Shareholders think the company isn't saying enough about the risks it faces.
The American Petroleum Institute proceeded to launch a campaign of denial and doubt.