Exxon Mobil

Wednesday's offshore lease sale was the biggest ever of its kind — including those conducted during the Trump administration.
A new analysis takes a wide look at the company's influence in Arizona, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and West Virginia.
Many climate advocates maintain that carbon pricing is still the best way to dial down emissions — even if Exxon got caught saying its support is a ruse.
Exxon Mobil will likely face new pressure to better address climate change and shift toward renewable energy sources.
The oil giant will face renewed pressure to better address climate change and shift away from fossil fuels.
Newly obtained emails involving the nomination of a climate change denier for the White House post show the fossil fuel industry’s sway over Trump's administration.
The health assessment that apparently was completed months ago concerns formaldehyde.
Guyana is a reminder of how imperialists, scoundrels and profiteers have wrecked entire countries.
Putin and Exxon have aimed relentlessly at ending U.S. sanctions, but scandal and Congress have now tied Trump's hands.