Environmental groups weigh in on whether they get the same sort of treatment.
But Exxon Mobil and Chevron seek to assure investors the worst is over.
Politicians including Bernie Sanders blasted the oil giant's New Year's tweet, accusing the company of fueling a climate crisis that's worsening deadly fires.
A newly unearthed journal from 1966 shows the coal industry, like the oil industry, was long aware of the threat of climate change.
The oil giant's refusal to answer European lawmakers' questions could result in a loss of lobbying access.
Instead, Democrats are sticking to their original plan, and channeled Exxon Mobil in an announcement refusing to bar members who take fossil fuel money.
Making individual changes will make a difference, but we’ll be saved only by dramatic, wide-scale change.
Richmond became the ninth U.S. community in the last year to sue fossil fuel giants over climate change.
The withdrawal comes as House Republicans push a tax bill packed with corporate welfare for fossil fuel companies.