eye care

Find preservative-free eye drops that work like real tears and an air purifier to get rid of potential eye irritants in the air.
Experts explain what you should look for in new shades and how affordable and pricy pairs may differ.
"My prayers went unanswered. In their wake, now three years into this illness, I am learning to live half-blinded."
The cattle eye worm infection is only the second known case in humans, raising concerns about an upswing.
"Had I gone a year sooner, I might have had an extra five years of eyesight."
If you are elderly person, the first step is to admit it and then realize that you do not need to suffer from bad eyesight. All you need to do is to maintain these regular eye care tips and you can work for much longer and still have great eyesight.
Prescription eyeglasses today aren't cheap. You can easily spend $200 for a basic pair, but if you want designer frames or need bifocal or progressive lenses the price can more than double. Here are a few different options that can help you save.