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The Netflix series about fierce female friendship also serves up some fierce beauty looks.
How to maximize the impact of your eyes during the coronavirus pandemic with eye shadow, brows, mascara, lashes, liner and more.
The combination of icy eye shadow and a minidress might sound like a '90s fashion disaster, but Jennifer Lopez managed to
Makeup artistry can be a tricky bastard these days. Over the years, I have learned some practical guidance that is very important when applying eye shadow. This guidance is called color theory.
Eyeshadow is meant to accent the eye, drawing attention to one of the most captivating parts of one's visage. But what happens
If you read me with any regularity, you'll know I'm obsessed with trying every new beauty product on the market that I can get my greedy little hands on
2011-06-20-Screenshot20110620at3.17.55PM.jpg Electric teal is a lively compliment to summer's classic metallic.
This past Friday I met up with Fashion in Manhattan for her Night Out, and frankly, she's a mean drunk.