eye tracking

As the eye-tracking headlights are still in the early stages of development, the concept will likely take several years to
H/T Laughing Squid The British artist, who recently held a live-drawing exhibition in London, worked with eye tracking company
"If you're wavering on this decision, something as subtle as the waiter walking up to the table at the moment that your eyes
These telling glances can last less than half a second, lead study author Stephanie Cacioppo, director of the University
Eye-tracking has become the tech trend du jour. Advertisers use data on where you look and when to better capture your attention. Designers employ it to improve products. Game and phone developers utilize it to offer the latest in hands-free interaction.
Be warned: When you put a pair of these glasses on your gaze may be revealing more about you than you may realize -- and advertisers will soon pay a hefty premium to gain access your eyes.
But eye-tracking can do more than help sell products or give your finger a rest while playing Fruit Ninja. Years of research
Advertisers are infamous for their relentless pursuit to learn about even the most mundane details of your life in hopes of selling you something. But there is one thing that has always eluded them: your physical reaction to their efforts.
"Not many people can run and read at the same time," Dr. Ji Soo Yi, an assistant professor of industrial engineering at Purdue
How could you use the technology to increase people’s attention span? If you see a picture of Adele somewhere in an article