eyelash extensions

We asked an expert to debunk the myths of lash extensions.
Not all lashes are created equal! Here's what to know about this beauty treatment.
And you might wash your face differently. Here's why. You might get an eye infection. Here's why. Also on HuffPost: We asked
As a new resident of Marin County, it's my personal mission to banish this image of Marin County being the mecca of the unstylish, suburban mother who doesn't work, but only works out.
As much as I'd like to consider myself above all of those fussy, high maintenance beauty treatments, I've always secretly
My 3-year-old nephew called me fake. He was right. Everything from my hair extensions, eyelash extensions, colored-in eyebrows and acrylic nails were all fake.
Do you have any celebrity clients? Yes, many, but I'd prefer not to disclose. Our lust for lashes has reached an all time