I think of each hair as a problem, and once it’s out, it’s a problem I no longer have to deal with.
Experts explain just how long this trendy procedure lasts and what exactly it does.
I love brow-tinting. Millions of people love brow-tinting. But it turns out that we might have to give up the treatment to darken our arches and lashes very soon, thanks to new regulations that have somehow been flying under the radar.
The claim: You can use cotton balls to get longer, thicker eyelashes. There's been a lot of buzz lately around this eyelash
Whether you're into thick and voluminous or long and fluttery lashes, just apply a couple coats of your favorite mascara
Lashes: Eye Candy SF Photography: Brittany Griffin After my lashes were permed, it was time to dye them. Eye Candy uses a
Whether you're just starting out or are well-established, paying attention to and connecting with the people in your sphere is very important.
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