Eyelid Surgery

A skillful facelift should make you look better, not necessarily younger. Most important, you should still look like you! Your plastic surgeon should require medical clearance by your personal physician. If you choose a surgical option, no matter what decade, consult a board certified plastic surgeon.
I've found that the shape of the eye is determined by the relation of the upper and lower eyelids. In young adults with normal facial skeletons, the space between these upper and lower lids that frames the eye itself is long and narrow.
She said she has been accused of trying to emulate Caucasian features and that people ask her whether her decision to undergo
While the authenticity of the photo hasn't been confirmed, the surgery appears to be a real thing. When plastic surgery goes
Dr. Peter Adamson joins Dena to discuss his study that suggests plastic surgery doesn't necessarily make you look younger or more attractive to others.
Would you consider a facelift if you weren't considered "more attractive" after all was said and done? According to a new
Celebrities love plastic surgery, too... Of course, many of these surgeries were merited under the current regulations, Eaton
“With this kind of management malpractice, it’s little wonder that the [Medicare] program is in such dire shape,” Senator