Donald Williams can be heard repeatedly calling ex-cop Chauvin "a bum" in widely circulated bystander video of George Floyd's arrest.
A skydiver shocked bystanders after they watched him lose control of his parachute.
Shocked bystanders watched a skydiver crashing after he lost control of his parachute.
"They are just kids. I'm so sorry," the eyewitness said of the slaughter at the Borderline Bar & Grill.
“It was brutal,” says an eyewitness to the Barcelona terror attack. Here’s the latest.
I have always found episodic television a curious teacher, it acclimates us to new ideas and the diversity of our culture
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"Citizen journalists" typically use social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Google and Twitter to disseminate real-time news and first-hand accounts of sometimes startling events.
Tiffany Mitchell describes Michael Brown shooting