The original version, as written in the bible, was meant to be cooked over human dung. Thank heavens for cooking innovations.
In today’s terms, the prophet Ezekiel resembled a refugee. Ezekiel lived in exile. He was uprooted by an invading army and
"But Bob," you may be saying, "What can I do to stop Trump? I'm just one person, and I have a job and family and obligations
As the self-proclaimed law-and-order candidate, Trump on Tuesday spoke about the slaughter of the five officers in Dallas and the wounding of seven others.
14 Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD's house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women
Just as in those fresh days from decades ago, Baez continues to sing out injustice, the challenge and responsibility to be decent in a world bent on bending goodness into greed and simple pleasure into perversity. It brought to mind the prophet Ezekiel.
Ezekiel spoke the difficult truth to a community in exile: perpetual sin left them spinning their wheels, going nowhere. His vision of a wheel within a wheel provided a new mechanism not only for prayer, but also for hope itself.
Over the past few years I have developed a relationship with Islam Mossaad, the imam for the North Austin Muslim Community
Recently, atheist students at a Texas university offered porn in exchange for Bibles arguing, "same diff." Inflammatory, to be sure, but are they right?
We're still fighting the war in Afghanistan, and in Iraq. We're paying money we don't have for the local authorities to destroy a Judeo-Christian holy site. So, what would Eckhart Tolle advise us to do?