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An Obama initiative to hold the line on spending has run into a lobbying buzzsaw.
Americans with terminal cancer are more likely than Europeans to die at home, not in a hospital
A predictable irony of the never-ending Affordable Care Act (ACA) debate is that the one provision that the Republicans should be attacking -- free "checkups" for everyone -- is one of the few provisions they aren't attacking.
Eventually, Emanuel predicts that annual physical exams will become obsolete once national health store chains like CVS and
Emanuel said his focus was on what would happen if he were to "stop taking medical care where the purpose of that medical
2014 was no slouch year. Over the past 12 months, one has seen a spectacular confluence of ideas, events and initiatives that demand fresh, thoughtful attention. So to the Buzzfeed-esque lists that cap the year - and effectively write the history of 2014 - let's add these five developments.
'There are no second acts in American lives,' Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote. That may have been true in Fitzgerald's day, but now, in the 21st century, as more and more boomers are transforming our expectations of old age, retired Americans are discovering third acts in their lives.
Gawande’s grandfather, a farmer in a village 300 miles outside Mumbai, India, had what the surgeon calls an “idyllic,” “premodern
Rather than thinking of 75 as the time to die, let us continue to re-imagine 21st century life where 75 is a robust time of engagement and work. Perhaps for many even just the start of yet another phase of life.
Ezekiel Emanuel is a very distinguished scientist... Needless to say, his 5,000-word piece evoked a lot of debate, although everyone agreed he makes some important and startling points. They are his reasons for saying that he hopes to die at 75 and that, after he turns 65, he plans to discontinue all his health care -- no flu shots, colonoscopies, surgery, pacemakers.