Ezell Ford

Once again, a community sits in grief. Once again our neighbors writhe in inconsolable pain. Once again family members and
Officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas killed Ezell Ford, 25, during a confrontation. They have not yet been charged, according to the Los Angeles Times. Ford was described by family attorneys as mentally challenged.
According to Wolfson's City Council file, which contains an overkill list of every speech he says he ever created or delivered
My message to Los Angeles clergy and 'leaders' in their condemnation of 'Black Lives Matter,' is that they are on the wrong side of history and are virtually proclaiming their own irrelevance to the cause of social justice. It is all of our duty to struggle for righteousness and against injustice.
The Los Angeles Police Commission last month went against the recommendation of Beck and found one officer had violated policy
"This is a tragedy for all involved," Police Commission President Steve Soboroff said late Tuesday. "The Ford family, my
The skin around one fatal wound in Ford's back had a "muzzle imprint," which may suggest the shot was taken at close range
Bustamante will recommend the panel fault the officers for their tactics based on the findings of his own investigation. The
Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck and the Police Department's independent watchdog have determined that two officers
Bad police tactics can lead to bad shootings. Poor planing and a lack of communication between partner officers can lead to excessive force or even deadly force. An inability to empathize and relate to the community served can also lead to devaluation of a human life.
Now that South Carolina has taken this very important first step in arresting and charging Slager with murder, the NCLEO4J along with the Scott family and an outraged community demand justice and accountability.
There have been too many funerals of late, too many funerals for people of color and people with mental illness.
The plaintiffs also allege that the two officers, Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas, intentionally engaged in the use
A multi-cultural group of retired and former police officers met with Rep. Jackson Lee of Texas to share and discuss their varied personal experiences with regard to institutionalized racism and the unnecessary state-sponsored murders of all Americans.
Ezell did not have an easy road. He did not deserve to die. It's that simple. We have to be willing to re-pave the road that he tried to navigate.
By Alex Dobuzinskis Members of the Black Lives Matter movement, which began as a response to the 2012 shooting of a teenager
Members of the movement say they are seeking justice in the Aug. 11 shooting death of 25-year-old Ezell Ford, who a family
The autopsy report for Ezell Ford, an unarmed, mentally ill black man shot to death by Los Angeles police in August, was released by the county coroner's office Monday after the LAPD lifted an investigative hold that had blocked the report from public view for over 4 months.