Ezell Ford

Once again, a community sits in grief. Once again our neighbors writhe in inconsolable pain. Once again family members and
Officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas killed Ezell Ford, 25, during a confrontation. They have not yet been charged, according to the Los Angeles Times. Ford was described by family attorneys as mentally challenged.
On that 2013 date, in a gushing LA Times article about plays he puts on in his backyard, Wolfson said, "I'm not a doctor
My message to Los Angeles clergy and 'leaders' in their condemnation of 'Black Lives Matter,' is that they are on the wrong side of history and are virtually proclaiming their own irrelevance to the cause of social justice. It is all of our duty to struggle for righteousness and against injustice.
Ford, who was unarmed and suffered from mental illness, struggled with one of the two officers and tried to grab his holstered
The case for the officer found out of policy now returns to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, who will decide what discipline, if
"I hope they give us some justice," Dedric Kennedy, a demonstrator outside of the mayoral residence, told The Huffington
Ford's death was also greeted with street demonstrations and the family filed a federal lawsuit over the shooting, seeking