Ezra Schwartz

It is faith that I hope we can all turn to now to combat the terrorism the world is experiencing. There is no amount of physical
This year, as we approach another dark winter, another anniversary of the Newtown shooting, and another Chanukah season, the world is once again reeling from one communal tragedy to another.
Jewish summer camps are likely not something the average American ever thinks about. But for many of us, that shared experience brings us together in our shared pride of being Jewish, of believing in G-d the way our ancestors did, and means that, in fact, #WeareEzraSchwartz.
We live in a world of concentric circles, spheres of influence that protect the core of who we are. But tonight's news rocked the bulls eye of my world. And although there is no logic to this phenomenon, the death of any innocent civilian should shake our foundations, our emotions naturally are overcome when the news hits close to home.
Several others were wounded.