f bomb

Here are four models for free* distribution that may be convincing enough to win a district's' confidence and, ultimately, adoption of your product.
Indianapolis reporter Ray Cortopassi of Fox 59 accidentally blurted out the f-word while trying to say "food truck fanatic
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While the café was transforming into a bar, a nuclear testing site was being built by the U.S. Army a mere 50 miles away. In this age of innocence it quickly became vogue to grab an "Atomic Cocktail" and climb a ladder to the café's roof to watch for mushroom clouds on the horizon.
The real question is, why don't more toddlers mispronounce "dump truck" to make it a much filthier word? (via Videogum/Arbroath
Check out the photo of UCLA's questionabale prank on USC and some other notable hijinks from over the years in the slideshow
A lisp can undo the most eloquent speaker, and bad spelling can drain the charge from the most electric writing, and saying f*** all the time makes you easy to dismiss. It's a shame a kind heart these days isn't close to enough.
Cussing at work is not just limited to the private sector. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a man said to have quite
You would never want your kid's teachers to find out that you once pulled up old Sesame Street clips on YouTube and then left them unsupervised while you made a phone call.
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Payne added, "I apologize for that, that was a slip!" Payne covered his mouth in shock as soon as he realized what he had
One of the things I've noticed is students' language has gotten worse. And by worse, I mean a lot lot worse.
While the current vice president is showing contrition over dropping an F-bomb, the last one seems proud of his own famous
Vice President Joe Biden went on ABC's "The View" today, marking the first time a sitting vice president or president has
The vice president has been getting a lot of laughs recently, also bringing down the house at the Radio and Television Correspondents
Griffin and Cooper were discussing balloon boy (AKA Falcon Heene) when Griffin intentionally mispronounced Heene's name. Cooper
By the looks of it, the "F-Bomb" has been lurking for some time now, but it took the Slate incident on SNL to help propel it further. Call me old-fashioned, but what ever happened to the old, reliable, and charged F-Word?
CNN Political Ticker reports that GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell of Virginia blurted out the "F-Bomb" during a