F Scott Fitzgerald

One legend says Ernest Hemingway coined the cocktail's name when he drank the boozy beverage while muttering, "bloody Mary" about a woman he was dating at the time.
Shelly Fitzgerald said her job at Indianapolis' Roncalli High School remains "in limbo."
The passage of time has become synonymous with something negative. For instance, over time we age – a negative. In this age
Traveling the world gives you a whole new perception of the meaning “home."
"I am a publisher. I publish any sort of book. I am looking for a book that will sell five hundred thousand copies."
The Amazon series, though, doesn't trust its audience to love Zelda despite her flaws.
All the Stars in the Heavens by Adriana Trigiani A young nun is forced to leave her convent and lands a job as starlet Loretta