F Scott Fitzgerald

Shelly Fitzgerald said her job at Indianapolis' Roncalli High School remains "in limbo."
The passage of time has become synonymous with something negative. For instance, over time we age – a negative. In this age
Traveling the world gives you a whole new perception of the meaning “home."
"I am a publisher. I publish any sort of book. I am looking for a book that will sell five hundred thousand copies."
The Amazon series, though, doesn't trust its audience to love Zelda despite her flaws.
Hollywood has long been the land of dreams and epic storytelling, but many stories of scandal, betrayal, and mystery remain
F. Scott Fitzgerald is perhaps the most celebrated graduate of Princeton University. His debut novel, This Side of Paradise
Donald Trump's candidacy began on the same day developers destroyed the most recognizable symbol of the American dream in literature.
All world religions have a certain amount of mystery about them that is hard to understand...someday, we will, but on earth that mystery sometimes reveals itself in small measure from time to time.
"The American dream," that protean and paradoxical phrase, is held to first have been used as a definite concept by James Truslow Adams in The Epic of America (1931).
Asheville, North Carolina, celebrated its first "Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald Day" on March 10th. According to the Asheville Citizen-Times announcement, the day of events all over town featured much for everyone, and promises to be a bright annual springtime event on calendars to come.
11 Literary Servants Tell Their Own Stories Life, Charles and we learn quickly, isn't all jazz parties and champagne and
Interestingly, this food of kings first belonged to the poor. Long before the age of blinis and champagne, peasants in medieval