face mask

It's “a pushback against the wannabe snitch patrols," said Kevin Smith, co-owner of the Liberty Tree Tavern in Elgin, Texas.
A University of Waterloo professor answers your burning questions.
The clip caused a stir when a passerby noted that the cameraman's face was uncovered. NBC says the staffer was wearing a scarf that fell off.
Religiously worn beards have been subtly framed as an obstacle to the safety of COVID-19 patients.
The White House press secretary seemed to think it strange that Biden -- in line with government guidance -- wore a mask in public but not at home.
Trump mocked a journalist as "politically correct" for wearing a face covering to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
Trump retweeted a post mocking Biden for wearing a mask to prevent spreading coronavirus, with the caption: “This might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public.”
Some schools are considering requiring them in the fall. Many parents are ... skeptical.
Twitter users slammed Terry Moran’s question as “staggeringly stupid” and “breathtakingly irresponsible.”
"Shoutout to everybody who already burped into their own face via mask."