There is no surgeon general warning attached to Facebook over-usage, but are we fooling ourselves? It was not until the second half of the twentieth century that the dangers of smoking became a part of public discourse.
If you have never been without your phone, give it a try for a couple of hours a day. Next time you meet some friends or family members for dinner, leave your phone at home. Break free from the ball and chain. Fully engage with your life and the life of those around you. Not with your phone's 'life.'
Photo by Shauna Hoffman I turned off my computer and looked at the clock. My heart stopped! Much to my horror two hours were
A number of studies have suggested that social media -- Facebook in particular -- can co-opt brain circuits implicated in
Plenty of research has demonstrated that the addictive quality of social media is very real. And according to a new study
"When we are constantly being told how many friends we have, we are encouraged to add another, to make that number go higher
Old albums can remind you of good memories. One chapter of Flores’ book is titled “Am I My Profile Pic?” In the chapter, she
Cutting off online interactions beyond Facebook can have negative consequences, according to another study last year. Heavy
How often do I need to know what someone's fleeting, mindless, thought is? Do I really need to see what you're about to devour for dinner, or even breakfast? Isn't it a bit early in the day?
Today, I ask you to consider how social media platforms are changing the way we interact. To consider the impact that constant access to thoughtless chatter is having on our society and what example our own constant use is setting for our children.
We've become so social media reliant even people we're close to now only send us Facebook messages on our birthday. And we've become such a disconnected society.
Before passing judgment on gambling addicts, know that their need to keep pulling the shot-machine lever isn't all that different
As evidenced every day in so many ways, the new technological landscape brings many wonderful benefits to our family's lives and relationships. At the same time, as with any new innovations, this impact has a dark side.
DSM-V, the fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is due for publication in May. Here's a sneak preview of some new mental disorder categories.
I can't stop interacting with screens. I'm using one now, of course, to write this post -- a moment of necessary productivity -- yet I am tethered to an array of devices in an almost constant cycle of euphoric use, excited overuse and crushing regret.
If you're new to unplugging, I've pulled together 15 ways to help you get acclimated to a new way of thinking about how you spend your time, alone and with others.
Of all the reasons employees abandon their work, wasting hours on social media, the most fundamental is the need to interact with others. The reality is that employees feel the need to socialize -- and will do so whether it's around the water cooler or online.
One of the cartoons from "The Facebook Diet." She asked, "Is technology something they're utilizing or is it really using