facebook ads

Concealed Online customers could be breaking the law without even knowing it.
The Facebook founder responded "I don't know" when asked whether his platform would allow a hypothetical ad.
Facebook took down ads from the senator and 2020 hopeful that called for breaking up big tech companies, saying they violated brand policy.
The potential 2020 Democratic contender is bulking up her list of potential voters.
Politicians, news outlets and social media companies will have to police themselves ― otherwise, the government will.
So that's why I decided to curate the "crème de la crème" of Facebook advertising blog posts I've come across. In no particular order, let's get started.
If you expect to put up a Facebook Ad, spend $50 and get results, don't even bother. I am seeing so many people right now expect magic to happen overnight with their Facebook Ads. If it was that easy then EVERYONE would be doing this and making bank off of it.
The day I came across it, I was HOPING for a sign. I'd been searching for the next step in my life, and going back to the corporate world that had so badly worn me down just wasn't right for me as a new mom.
During one of my podcasts, Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris, I was talking to my audience about hiring social media managers. Following that episode I received a lot of questions about specifically hiring someone to help with Facebook Ads