facebook algorithm

Having lit a forest fire, the company wants you to think it's extinguished the match.
“These are headlines that intentionally leave out crucial information, or mislead people."
You'll now see more posts from your friends and less from the media.
Domesticated animals eat feed. Day after day, the farmer fills the trough with the same oats, the same feed. As we lie in sleep, our sidecars charge, our prostheses: computers, tablets, smartphones. Receptacles for the news feeds, charging to accommodate relentless scrolling throughout the day. Everywhere, silently revving for the coming feeding.
Think about all the advancements that have occurred when one path or another was closed off - for one reason or another. I
Now that the 2016 presidential election is a regular part of the news cycle and users are sharing their opinions daily, let's dive into all the ways, subtle and overt, that the most-used social network and the most-used search engine affect our political beliefs.
In the end, the slant of the news you see may be the slant of the news you seek.
So, can you stop worrying about the role of algorithms and personalization in creating echo chambers online? The shortest version is this: Absolutely not.
Some of us run small-scale tests and develop theories as to what can garner the most interaction. Others convince themselves to rise above it and attempt to ignore the addictive validation people bestow onto the content they share.