Just because I don't have a boyfriend, that doesn't mean I shouldn't celebrate important milestones with the people I love.
It was November 9, 2006. A few big-time entrepreneurs in attendance understood Mark's vision but believed they could beat or buy him. The rest were cheerily myopic. Their loss was my gain.
3. You know how to manipulate your privacy settings in a way that approximates un-friending. Because you're not THAT passive
Consider Google, which has been inconsistent keeping track of its own birthday. For the first half of its existence, Google
In honor of Facebook's 10th anniversary Tuesday, which falls just a few months before my own 10th Facebook anniversary, I went rooting through the decade's worth of stuff I've forked over to Mark Zuckerberg and co. Huge mistake.
11. The Kanye. (via imgfave.com) 2. The short-lived pity party. (via imgur.com) 8. The office breakup. (via imgur.com) Keep
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Since the beginning, Facebook has incorporated birthdays into its social DNA. Part of the fun and utility of Facebook is