Electrolux has created a Facebook application that assesses the amount of water individuals use on a daily basis – not just
Facebook is more than a social network. It's also a platform that allows independent developers to create applications, or "apps" that greatly expand what the service can offer.
In addition, Open Graph apps will be able to play video and display photos on a user's news feed and Timeline, according
At the Huffington Post, we're all about starting conversations. That's why we're introducing the HuffPost Social Reading app to share the stories you read on your Facebook timeline.
"Few charities are properly utilizing the power of social media platforms such as Facebook," Israel Schachter, co-founder
Zynga's success in building social games on Facebook will open the floodgates, encouraging even more apps in industries such
Democrats in California who tend to skip Election Day may be getting a nagging reminder to vote from an unlikely source--their
Many of the most popular applications, or "apps," on the social-networking site Facebook Inc. have been transmitting identifying
The question being posed in marketing circles is how to target campaigns toward fans in their own languages and communities. For instance, how many Facebook Pages do you build per brand?