I think Facebook's new breakup features are terrific, as I know many people instantly block their ex, without the ex even knowing so, and then back-peddle and send a new friend request, out of embarrassment, once they've kissed and made up.
10. The "engagement." (via imgfave.com) 8. The office breakup. (via imgur.com) 3. The passive aggressive. (via lamebook.com
For $0.99, the app will select a "target" from your friend list and remove pictures of you together -- the ones you've posted
The findings offer insights into our relationships with our significant others, as well as our relationship with Facebook
If you notice that your time on Facebook is leaving you feeling worse than how you felt before you logged on, you may be engaging in some unhealthy Facebook behaviors.
Meanwhile, Village Voice counters, if Facebook can predict the end of your relationship, it's likely that somebody in real
As their relationship falls apart online we learn the dos and do not dos of dating in the social networking world (aka the