Facebook isn't real or productive, it's just an advanced version of the electronic bulletin boards that have been around since the Internet dawned. Nobody on those old boards met their 'soul-mate' or bought a car; or paid their bills; or broadcasted their political opinions; or flamed each other for disagreeing.
Shawn Akina, one of the six Hertz employees named in the case, characterizes Howard as a “broke ass faka who act like he
If 15 percent of the kids in your school have bullied others, that's a bad thing. But rather than emphasize the bad, turn the numbers around to report that 85 percent of kids don't bully. That's a number worth emulating and increasing.
According to Fox 59 News, the mother of the boy says the coach -- who has not been identified -- bullied her son both on
I know what you're thinking. This party is a set-up. You're going to be on the hot seat. Don't worry one little bit about that. I made strict rules that you are not to be bullied, and I plan to enforce them. Everyone must act respectfully toward you or they will be asked to leave.
When can we just go back to being Americans and not have to continue to label ourselves so we can instantly pick a fight? I long for that day to arrive.
Is the web looking a little... purple? [Hat Tip: Gizmodo] This October 19, prominent tech companies are taking their third
Whether we're more engaging, less polite or bolder in our political assertions, we tend to present our digital personas differently
"I haven't spoken to her in three months, and she even considered me as her brother," Lovepreet, 21, said. "I don't know
The first step in making a case against a cyber-attacker is identifying the real-life person. To file a lawsuit, victims