I was told by the faceless "Facebook Team" that The Manly Art of Seduction violated FB's code because of the word "Seduction
It would seem that Mary's Medicinals falls under the "Regulated Goods" sub-topic which states: "We prohibit any attempts
This post originally appeared on Slate By Mark Joseph Stern Gustave Courbet’s The Origin of the World is a stunning work
In real life, I was able to appeal this decision, but with you, we cannot click on an "appeal" tab. And since I am a feminist, I cannot stop myself from noticing male chests circulating all over your site without consequence and receive your narrow-minded precepts like a discriminatory slap in the face. Is Facebook chauvinistic?
But with Edward Snowden's revelations about U.S. cyber-spying undermining American credibility in that area, and with the
Yet it’s clear that attempts to control and squelch literary speech have existed nearly as long as published literature itself
Kaaden was inspired to create the series after posting a nude sculpture from the Louvre on social media, which was promptly
It's both the best of times and the worst of times for the free speech rights the network is supposed to support. To break the cycle of repression we must look more closely at the tools protesters and reporters use and ask whether they further the cause of freedom, or just make speakers more vulnerable.
Last month, Denmark was crowned the happiest country in the world.
Facebook has removed a video clip showing a woman's decapitation and issued new rules about what can be shared on its site.