Florida’s new teacher evaluation system, which mandates half of a teacher’s evaluation be based on student test score data
Donors have contributed $43 million toward matching Zuckerberg's $100-million gift he gave to the city's troubled school
I really don't care why Mark Zuckerberg is donating $100 million to improve the lives of Newark's children. I care very much that it's being done. READ MORE Dear Angry American, Joining the Tea Party Is NOT Your Only Option The Tea Party is angry! Really, really angry. So we are told again and again by the media. What's missing from this narrative is the fact that everybody is angry -- even people who love the president. READ MORE WATCH: Arianna Talks About Technology's Impact on Democracy at Clinton Global Initiative WATCH: Arianna Discusses Elizabeth Warren, Third World America with Tavis Smiley WATCH: Arianna Discusses Obama, Voter Anger on Hardball WATCH: Arianna Discusses Democrats' Tax Cuts Punt on Countdown
Zuckerberg and Newark mayor Cory Booker are expected to announce the CEO's gift on Oprah Winfrey's show this Friday. Mr. Zuckerberg