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I saw a college bound young adult in my practice last week who described needing to create emotional distance between him
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Facebook put out other little reminders, too... All those extra sent messages only feed the data monster, making it easier
Facebook's popularity may be on the decline (thanks to teenagers who reviled the social networking site's increasing adult
In the complicated world of online chatting, you can selectively ignore the emotional pleas of others and just talk about
Do you use email more or less than you did before? If less, what's replaced it? Weigh in in the comments below "While the
Facebook Chat just got a little bit cooler. In addition to profile photos, there are plenty of Facebook pages and groups
Has the new change rolled out to your account yet? Let us know in the comments (below). --- Digital Inspiration has published
The group chat feature will let users chat with multiple friends at once by selecting "Add Friends to Chat." According to
However, there are nonetheless speculations. Judging by the invite, it seems this could be a chat (perhaps video) related