Just as our kids have to wait to be the right age to drive, drink and vote, let's help them understand that in today's world, they also have to wait to be the right age to use Facebook.
The best and safest strategy would be to provide younger children with a safe, secure and private experience that allows them to interact with verified friends and family members without having to lie about their age.
Through alias Facebook profiles, which were used to friend suspected pedophiles and child predators, WND found dozens of
But Consumer Reports recommends that Facebook be more proactive. "Facebook should beef up its screening to drastically reduce
Thompson said that the site plans to hire a cyber-safety policy expert in Australia to help deal with Facebook's underage
Facebook has been told it must "turn words into action" following a meeting over the site's refusal to install a child safety
Fox News writes, Forehand was one of two Lancaster, PA men arrested for soliciting sex from underage girls online. The second